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Friday, July 30, 2021



Dopamine, the Mexican production studio, is committed to innovation in content qualitative research. The company of Grupo Salinas is the first in the Latin American region to incorporate analysis technics oriented to the assessment of ideas and concepts, and of their business opportunities. 

“Vault is a valuable tool that delivers content drivers oriented to business forecasts. It is a very modern and different system, that allows us to observe the impact of shifts and approaches regarding the client’s goals. We have been working with their team for a while, and it has been very interesting and fulfilling to pay attention to the results”, explains Fidela Navarro.

“Dopamine are on the leading edge of innovation and bringing unique content to global audiences.  We are proud to work in close collaboration with Dopamine to help visualize global audiences at any stage of the content’s lifecycle,” said David Stiff, CEO, Vault AI.     


About Dopamine 

Dopamine (www.dopaminecontent.mx) was created in October 2017 as the audiovisual content studio of Grupo Salinas, focused on the creation, development and production of original content for global platforms, under any type of management, business model, and partnership.

The studio produced the series Hernán (2019), an ambitious big budget epic drama about the arrival of the Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés to the territories that are now part of Mexico. Dopamine has also produced the family drama Amarres [Love Ties]  (2019) for TNT/Warner Media. They created and developed the thriller Tu parte del Trato  [Your Part of the Deal] (2019). They just finished filming Búnker (HBO MAX) and 40 no es nada [40 is nothing!], and they are now in the production phase of Supertitlán, a co-production with Universal Studio Group, among other projects.


About Vault AI

Vault AI, based in Los Angeles, is using machine learning to help the entertainment industry predict consumer response to content, identifying what elements will drive them to watch, stream or buy tickets. Vault AI’s fast and accurate predictive consumer insights platform provides actionable insights at any stage of the content lifecycle. Having analysed over 50,000 titles to match the content’s creative elements with the in-market consumer data from 60+ countries, Vault AI’s platform generates insights from any type of creative stimulus, without needing a single respondent. 

Vault AI is on a mission to help the global entertainment market predict consumer behaviour and unlock their content’s commercial potential. Adopted by leading streamers, TV networks and film studios, Vault AI’s flexible machine intelligence was built by Israel’s leading minds in AI and is designed by consumer insights people for consumer insights people. 

Access the Vault. Unlock the future. 

For more information, visit https://www.vault-ai.com/ 


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