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Pablo Silva Glez

Creative director

He is the Creative Director of Dopamine, where he ensures the quality, coherence and originality of the visual production work. As part of the content team, he assists the writers from the get-go, making every written letter translate into a better on-screen result. His 14 years of experience as a television editor and producer (Todo va bien [Mandarina Producciones], Lo sabe, no lo sabe [Mandarina Producciones], Hermano Mayor [Plural], Otra Movida [7 and Action]), commercials for brand networks such as Adidas/Real Madrid, Samsung, Microsoft and musical works (Iván Ferreiro, Rozalén, Alba Messa, Fredi Leis) is only a first point of view that complements his expertise in creating graphic and marketing campaigns (Big Bang Media, La Competencia, Señor Mono, Dopamine) and the creation of fiction formats. He has currently been part of the team of directors of the Mexican version of Superstore, Supertitlán.


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