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Shooting of the series “Amarres” (Love Ties) produced by Dopamine for Turner LATAM

Shooting of the series “Amarres” (Love Ties) produced by Dopamine for Turner LATAM

Shooting of the series “Amarres” (Love Ties) produced by Dopamine for Turner LATAM 150 150 Dopamine

On July 8, shooting for the series “Amarres” (Love Ties), an original series conceived, developed and produced by the company Dopamine for Turner Latin America, began in Mexico City. With the slogan “Love is a thing of magic”, “Amarres”, with ten 45-minute episodes, is part of the contemporary drama genre aimed at the entire family.

Written by showrunner Fernanda Eguiarte (Diablo guardián, 2018; Paquita la del barrio, 2017) and directed by award-winning Marcelo Tobar (Oso polar, 2017; Asteroide, 2014), the series seeks to provide a different, fresh, fun, and, at the same time, a dramatic portrayal of the Mexican family with a radically contemporary and colorful story.

The story of Ana, the granddaughter of a former Sonora, Mexico market trader, desperate her economic situation, decides to restore a family tradition to prevent her children from being taken into custody by her ex-husband. This tradition consists of performing spells known as “amarres”, through which a person, gifted with this ability, ‘ties’ two hearts together.

It’s considered a common task, but in opening this door, Ana also opens up a magical world.  A gift inherited, at the same time strange, well-known and yet new, with its own rules and codes that she will have to discover and learn to control.

The actress who brings the main character Ana to life is Gabriela de la Garza, who has a long career in film, theater and television (Solteras, 2019; El habitante, 2017; Yago, 2016). To complete the love triangle, she is accompanied by Juan Pablo Medina (La casa de las flores, 2018; Sincronía, 2017; Amor de mis amores, 2014) and Hugo Catalán (Señora Acero, 2014-2015; Rencor tatuado, 2018). And, as her three children: Alicia Jaziz (Ungovernable, 2017), Martín Saracho and in her debut, Nicole de Albornoz.

“Amarres” (Love Ties), which is now scheduled for release, is the first of three projects that Dopamine will produce for Turner. The other two are “Coyotl”, a supernatural drama that tackles a serious social reality: the border conflict between Mexico and the United States; and “Tu parte del trato” (Your Side of the Bargain), a thriller created and developed by Dopamine, produced by Polka, and starring empowered women.


Turner Latin America, part of WarnerMedia, is a global entertainment, sports, and news company that creates premium content and delivers exceptional experiences to fans across the region wherever and whenever. These efforts are fueled by data-based information and industry-leading technology. Turner owns and operates some of the world’s most valuable brands, organized into five content groups: Children (Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Tooncast); General Entertainment (TNT, TNT Series, Space, TCM, I.Sat, Warner Channel, TBS, HTV, MuchMusic, Glitz* and truTV); News (CNN International, CNN en Español, CNN Chile and HLN); and Sports (TNT Sports, Esporte lnterativo Digital). In local TV, it owns the Chilevisión channel in Chile. In Argentina and Chile, it also developed GLOUD, a cloud-based video game platform that allows users to play without a console or downloading content.


Dopamine is a Grupo Salinas audiovisual company focused on creating, developing and producing original content for global platforms, under any management, business and social model. Dopamine is a One-Stop-Shop because it develops story curatorship, works with the best creators and producers and has the financial capacity that positions it as a unique proposal in the Americas.

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