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Jaime Bernardo Ramos


Jaime Bernardo Ramos is a producer and director with extensive experience in various media and genres. His training ranges from cinematography, digital set design, production design, to theater staging, photography, and directing actors, allowing him to develop a comprehensive and creative vision in his work.

In his career as a producer, he has stood out for his ability to participate in and lead innovative and risky projects, and to carry them out successfully. As a founding partner of Cinepantera, he has produced films such as “Duck Season” and “Club Sandwich”, which have been recognized at important international festivals and widely distributed. He has also worked in advertising for major brands, demonstrating his versatility and ability to adapt to different formats.

As a producer of premium series, Jaime Bernardo Ramos has been an executive producer on several successful productions for platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Paramount Plus. The series “Hernán” consists of 8 episodes and was premiered in 2019 by Amazon Prime and History Channel, received very positive reviews and became a success both in Mexico and in other countries where it was broadcast.

The series “Luis Miguel”, in which he participated as a producer, has been widely acclaimed by audiences and critics, and his participation in the second season of “Dark Desire” has demonstrated his ability to work on projects that attract a broad and demanding audience. In addition, his series “Triada” for Netflix and “Cualquier Parecido” for Paramount Plus, demonstrate his commitment to the production of high-quality content and the diversification of his portfolio.


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