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AMARRES 799 1200 Dopamine


Ana is a vital and dynamic woman that can cope with anything. With her three children: a highly gifted teenager with Asperger, a budding artist who suffers the death of her father, and a child with an exceptional mysticism. With her two ex-husbands plus the unexplainable suicide of the second one. With her vocation in this life, fashion design, and the magical inheritance of her grandmother –love ties. And she has to draw on her legacy when her latest husband takes advantage of her bankruptcy and multiple debts, and threatens to claim the custody of her three children. On top of that, two new suitors appear on the horizon to mess things up even more. Ana’s leap of faith will be to accept, not only that magic exists, but also that the strength for making it happen comes from herself

Amarres. (Producción y distribución HBO Max.)

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